Kristen McMenamy


Kristen McMenamy, beautiful and unusual top model from the USA, is one of the most successful icons of the contemporary fashion system. After becoming the muse of designers and photographers between '80s and '90s, she managed to change her look in a radical way, keeping intact her particular charme.

Daily Inspiration


The boogeyman, without face.
L'uomo nero, senza volto.

Black Faux Fur Lining Slider Sandals


I was very skeptical about the trend of this season - fur sliders - but I must admit that the pair I found on Missguided has stolen my heart! These total black sandals feature a faux fur lining and western inspired decorative buckles. They are available in two colors, black and grey.

New Order


Interview Magazine, September 2012
MODELS - Aline Weber,
Christina Kruse, Kirsten Owen
PH - Steven Klein
STYLING - Ludivine Poiblanc

"Fellini's Casanova" (1976)


"Ma chi non parla mai male delle donne non le ama: perchè 
per capirle ed amarle devi soffrire per loro colpa. Allora 
e solo allora puoi trovare la felicità sulle labbra della tua diletta."

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